The Rolfer


Thank you for visiting my web site. Since you are here I imagine you want to know more about me and my thinking about Rolfing.

My introduction to Rolfing was rather startling. It was 1972, and as a three-piece suit wearing, conservative Texas psychologist, I was at Esalen, the California growth center, to study Gestalt therapy when I saw a Rolfing demonstration. I was shocked. Here was a man with very few clothes on, lying on the floor, being Rolfed with the hands, knuckles and elbows of the Rolfer. A pretty drastic approach to therapy for a no-touch, talking therapist.

I had another, more intense and immediate problem. I was in constant pain with my lower back, legs and neck, and with headaches; leftover physical pain from back and knee surgery eight years earlier. The promise of relief from chronic pain overrode my initial hesitation and skepticism. I got Rolfed.

And, after three sessions, my pain was gone and I felt as if I were a different person. During the course of the Rolfing I experienced many changes, both physical and emotional, in my life. This was also a real shock to a psychologist who thought all things emotional had to do only with the mind. By the time I finished my ten-session series I knew I wanted to be a ROLFER and work this magic with others. Now, 40 years later I have less pain than I did at 13. And after practicing 38 years, I am still amazed at how, and how well, Rolfing works.

Thanks again for visiting. I’m happy to talk with you on the phone and to do a one hour analysis and “get to know each other face-to-face” session without charge. Please call me or email me to get started.

— Ross